Inflammatory Bowel Disease Products

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gASCA IgG S701100 click for pdf
ALCA IgG L703011 click for pdf
ACCA IgA C702100 click for pdf
AMCA IgG M704100 click for pdf
Anti-C IgA AC706100 click for pdf
Anti-L IgA AL707100 click for pdf

Quick and Easy to Use

All kits have short incubation times and ready-to-use reagents.

Our IBDX® kits also have a break-a-well strips allowing high flexibility and economic use.

Why is the IBDX® panel better?

Quality Policy

The Management and staff of Glycominds are committed to meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations and all relevant regulatory requirements and to being a supplier known for the quality of every product and service we provide.

Our products and services shall be consistently safe for use, uniformly produced, and delivered on time.

This is a joint responsibility shared by each member of our organization. We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our overall quality performance in every facet of our operations and this dedication is manifested by the periodic establishment and achievement of quality goals and objectives at all levels of the organization.

We have established and implemented a system of quality in line with ISO 13485 international standards, and we regard this system as a means of continually improving our production and processes. >>

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